Text-Dependent Questions and Evidence-Based Answers

Participants will create text-dependent questions using a complex text of their choice.

Create text-dependent questions using the features of text-dependent questions below.

Typical text dependent questions ask students to perform one or more of the following tasks:
  • Analyze paragraphs on a sentence by sentence basis and sentences on a word by word basis to determine the role played by individual paragraphs, sentences, phrases, or words
  • Investigate how meaning can be altered by changing key words and why an author may have chosen one word over another
  • Probe each argument in persuasive text, each idea in informational text, each key detail in literary text, and observe how these build to a whole
  • Examine how shifts in the direction of an argument or explanation are achieved and the impact of those shifts
  • Question why authors choose to begin and end when they do
  • Note and assess patterns of writing and what they achieve
  • Consider what the text leaves uncertain or unstated

Consider: How will we know they learned it?
Resource: A Guide to Creating Text-Dependent Questions for Close Analytic Reading

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