Standards Leads to Shifts

Participants will understand how the shifts and standards are connected.
  • Work in small groups using the CCR Anchor Handout.
  • Find two standards that support each of the shifts and write the shift next to the standard on your handout.

3 Shifts Brochure

Participants will review the three shifts and apply their understanding to classroom instruction.
3 Shifts Brochure
3 Shifts Brochure pdf
  • Close reading of the shifts (on front of brochure)
  • Review classroom examples for each shift (on back of brochure)
  • Respond: What changes might this shift bring to my classroom/school/district? (on back of brochure)

ELA-Literacy 3 Shifts

Shifting gears 7 6
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Participants will summarize their understanding using Voki.
In small groups, create a way to articulate one of the shifts to a colleague.

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